Being in the business for over 30 years, there isn't a job too big or too small for us to handle. We can service and maintain your exterior signage and parking lot lighting. Our complete installation team can handle a turn-key approach to installations within a 100 mile radius of  Lyons / Vidalia Ga.

Our well trained technicians with over 30 years of experience have handled installations from the smallest monument signs to the tallest high-rise signs.

From an initial site survey and permitting through final connection and electrical hookup, our staff is on hand ready to help.

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Maintenance Program

Introducing the Sign Maintenance Program (SMP)
What is the SMP?
The SMP is a service to provide scheduled
inspections of your sign(s) once or twice a year and to
provide cleaning and maintenance for those sign(s).
Our 20 point checklist is in depth and very detailed to ensure we keep your sign safe and well maintained.
If during our inspection our experts determine there is need for additional repairs or even
replacement, we will provide a detailed description
and recommendations of options.

What is the Benefit for You?
1. The Sign Maintenance Program is designed to keep your signs in like new condition.
2. Cut costly long-term repair and maintenance costs by up to 30%.
3. Keep your signs clean to provide the best possible image for your organization.
4. Give you information to make decisions and options
to keeping your sign(s) like new.

We will perform our Sign Maintenance Program Inspection and address the needs of your property
and its contents twice per year.  Our 20 point checklist is in depth and very detailed to ensure
we keep your sign safe, well maintained, and your mechanical, electrical, and other components last.
In addition to communicating the needs from the inspection, we will wash, touch up, perform
minor repairs, and ensure your signs are projecting the image you intended.