A Wide Range of Choices is Available
We can build a sign for you almost any size, almost any shape, and finish it in any combination of colors. We can match any lettering style and include almost any logo (very intricate graphics do present a problem).

Design Service is Included
We will reproduce a design you send, or create a design here, to your specifications. Firm price quotes are always provided promptly, and at no charge. Upon request, a scale rendering will be submitted for your approval. Frequently, a modest deposit will be requested at this point. This is not refundable, but will be subtracted from the order total.

Built of the most Durable material available
Redwood, in the top grades, is almost impossible to buy. Cedar does not have near the natural resistance to dry rot; not does it have the dramatic grain pattern sandblasted redwood signs are famous for.
All our sandblasted signs are now built of HDU, or high-density urethane foam. Widely used in the sign industry for years,  this material is impervious to moisture and completely stable over a wide range of temperatures. This gives it much greater weather resistance than any wood. Finishes last much longer. Grain is created during the sandblasting process, so each sign has the most dramatic wood grain pattern.
HDU is not as strong as wood. We compensate for that, as necessary,  in different ways.
A double-sided HDU sign will be much thicker than one made of wood. For freestanding installations, we mount the sign faces to pressure-treated wood support frames, custom built for that particular application. Support Posts are also available.

Finished for Extended Exterior Use

After sandblasting, all surfaces of each sign are completely sealed, then painted. Only top quality exterior finishes are used. Each finish, thru our experience over the years, is selected to provide maximum durability in all climate conditions.


There are so many variables, that we have simplified pricing as follows: $75.00 per square foot. This is for a fully finished one-sided sandblasted sign, as described above.
Signs finished on both sides are always thicker, usually include heavy-duty screw-eyes or integral pressure-treated wood frames, and are generally priced at $110.00 per square foot.
Logos/Artwork, choice of lettering styles, shapes & colors, design service and scale
renderings - all included at this price. Larger, simple, signs and multiple signs ordered at the same time are always discounted. Special Pricing is available for sign and graphic arts professionals willing to get involved in the design and/or finish painting.

Figuring the Cost of Your Sign

To know what it will cost to have us build you a sandblasted sign, simply calculate what size rectangle it will fit into. Multiply the height by the width. If it's in inches, divide the total by 144. That gives you the square foot total.
For example: a 2' x 3' oval-shaped sign will fit into a 2' x 3' rectangle. 2 x 3 = 6 square feet. Multiply the square feet by $75. 6 x $75 = $450.
Another Example: an odd-shaped design that will fit into a 41" x 83" rectangle. 41 x 83 = 3403. 3403 divided by 144 = 23.63. 23.63 x $75 = $1772.25. That sign is going to cost a little over $1700.00
Packing and shipping will be additional. Also, if the sign is to be freestanding, a support structure will be required.
We'll always provide a firm total, in writing, for the entire, complete and delivered, project before any work begins.

How to go about Getting One

Send us an email message or, less desirable, a fax. Include as much information as you have. Dimensions, either approximate or exact. Logo, or letterhead, if there's a graphic or particular font you need to match: and descriptions of preferred colors. Although the truth is we don't quote on every proposal received, in most cases a firm price quote will be prepared and sent back. There is no obligation for this service.

When you decide to Order

We will require a deposit of approx.1/2 the total value of the order, before actual sandblasting begins.
This transaction, along with the balance payment, can be handled via Visa, MasterCard, American Express or check.

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